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How To: Start & Continue Journaling


Embark on a Journaling Journey, a transformative course guiding you through the art of journaling over 10 days. This 76-page, self-paced course is designed for both beginners and seasoned journalers, offering a structured yet flexible approach to cultivating a fulfilling journaling practice. COURSE HIGHLIGHTS Format: Self-paced, downloadable Duration: Slowly released over 10 days (non-expiring access) Content: 76 Pages across diverse chapters Bonus: 365 Daily Journal Prompts CHAPTERS EXPLORE Getting Started: Foundations with affirmations, life wheel, vision boards, core values. Goals: Setting and planning achievable goals. Nutrition & Body and Mind Pages: Meal planning, self-care routines, habit cultivation. Reflection & Planner Pages: Progress reflection, daily to monthly planning. Gratitude Pages & Wish Lists: Gratitude journaling, curating diverse wish lists. Journal Pages: Various pages for free expression. BENEFITS Guidance & Structure: Step-by-step guidance and templates. Flexibility: Adapt to your routine with self-paced learning. Lifelong Access: Revisit and strengthen your practice anytime. Daily Inspiration: Bonus journal prompts for every day. Whether you’re a beginner or a regular journaler, this course offers learning opportunities, guidance, and practices for those seeking focus, reflection, and calm through writing, paving your path to a more mindful and balanced life.

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