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Free Downloadable Factsheets

Welcome to Self Reflections' Online Store, where we offer a range of free, informative factsheets designed to support your journey towards mental well-being. Our factsheets cover a variety of topics, providing you with valuable insights and practical information.


Treatments and Strategies for Coping with Anxiety

This factsheet delves into the various treatments and coping strategies for managing anxiety. This resource provides a detailed overview of evidence-based treatment options and practical techniques to help you or your loved ones manage anxiety effectively.


What's Inside:

  • List of effective treatments for anxiety, including therapeutic approaches 
  • Coping skills and strategies to incorporate into your daily routine
  • Practical tips for reducing anxiety symptoms and improving overall well-being


More to Come: Stay tuned for additional factsheets covering a range of mental health topics, all available for free download. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate your mental health journey with confidence.


Download your free factsheet today and take the first step towards understanding and managing anxiety.

Anxiety - Treatments & Strategies

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