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Self Reflections - Affirmation Cards #3 - Olive 


Most people, at one time or another, have struggled with negative thoughts about themselves or the world around them. While there are a number of ways to deal with such thoughts, one of the easiest and most effective methods to do so is by using positive affirmations.


An affirmation or “positive affirmation” is a phrase or quote you say to yourself in order to combat or challenge overwhelming negative thoughts.


Positive affirmations are very powerful. They release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety. When these affirmations are repeated over and over again, they begin to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your pattern of thinking and over time, ultimately changing your life.


Benefits of Positive Affirmations: 

  • Helps your overall wellbeing 
  • Helps reduce stress, tension, anxiety
  • Eases negative thinking or low mood
  • Improves self esteem


How to use:

  • Carry them with you everyday
  • Use them as bookmarks
  • Place them around the house as reminders
  • Use as journaling prompts
  • Add them to your self care box
  • Use them as digital screensavers

...and many more! 

Instant Digital Download: You will receive 8 pages in PDF format. There are 6 cards per page and a total of 48 cards.


For Printing: Suitable for both inkjet and laser color printers. Can also be ordered and cut by a print shop. Can be printed on US Letter, A4 or 8 x 10 inch paper. Simply cut with scissors, paper cutter or Stanley knife with a ruler.


For Digital Use: Crop each card as a separate image on your phone/tablet/computer. Save each into a folder to access anytime you need it. Can be used as a screensaver too! 


Copyright: For personal use only. Please respect our artist and do not distribute. 


Disclaimer: The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained in our resources are for informational purposes only. No material in these resources is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your clinician/physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical / mental health condition and before undertaking a new health care regimen. Never disregard professional medical / mental health advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read in our resources. 

Affirmation Cards #3

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