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Wed, 27 Mar


Self Reflections Online Group

Begin to Heal: Body & Mind

A 6-session journey to redefine your relationship with your body and eating habits. In a supportive group setting, discover foundational strategies for nurturing a healthier body image. Limited spots available for this transformative experience.

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Begin to Heal: Body & Mind
Begin to Heal: Body & Mind


27 Mar 2024, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm AEDT

Self Reflections Online Group


Begin your journey towards a healthier body image and relationship with food in the 'Begin to Heal: Body & Mind' Online Group.

This 6-week online group program is designed for adults as an introductory exploration providing a unique, intimate group experience designed to foster positive body image and heal disordered eating patterns. Limited to 12 participants, this safe, supportive and nurturing environment offers a blend of education, personal reflection, and group interaction, where you feel heard and understood, laying the groundwork for positive change.

Group Program Outline

  • Session 1: Introduction to Body Image & Disordered Eating
  • Session 2: Understanding Personal Body Image History
  • Session 3: Emotional Factors in Eating Patterns
  • Session 4: Building Self-Acceptance
  • Session 5: Developing Positive Self-Talk and Coping Strategies
  • Session 6: Creating a Personal Action Plan

Dates and Times

  • Session 1: Wednesday, 21 Feb 2024, 4pm-6pm
  • Session 2: Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024, 4pm-6pm
  • Session 3: Wednesday, 6 Mar 2024, 4pm-6pm
  • BREAK - No session held on 13 Mar 2024
  • Session 4: Wednesday, 20 Mar 2024, 4pm-6pm
  • Session 5: Wednesday, 27 Mar 2024, 4pm-6pm
  • Session 6: Wednesday, 3 Apr 2024, 4pm-6pm


Meet Klaudia Gebert, the guiding force behind our group sessions. As the Founder and Director of Self Reflections and with over 15 years of experience as a Senior Psychologist, Klaudia brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach to each session. Her expertise in complex trauma, eating disorders, and personality disorders, combined with her role as a Life and Mindset Coach, uniquely positions her to offer deep, insightful guidance. Klaudia's dedication to fostering a safe, supportive environment allows participants to explore and grow in their journey towards healing and self-discovery. Her empathetic and empowering style ensures that every group session is not just a learning experience, but a step towards profound personal transformation.


Investing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give to your future. The sessions are priced to reflect the value and depth of the transformation you'll experience.

  • $180 per session - billed at the beginning of each session or you can choose to pay the whole amount for the whole program
  • Payment is arranged by the Self Reflections once you have been confirmed as an attendee 

By choosing this group program, you're not only gaining invaluable insights and strategies but also saving $300 each week compared to standard one-on-one psychologist sessions.

Join the Waitlist

Join us for a deep, personal exploration and connect with others who share your journey. Secure your spot in this life-changing program and start your path to self-acceptance and health.

After joining the waitlist, you will be contacted by our wonderful team to ensure the group is right for your needs.

Our waitlist will close 4 weeks prior to finalise the attendees.

Further Support & Group

As you embark on this transformative journey with the 'Begin to Heal: Body & Mind' Online Group, consider deepening your understanding and continuing your path to healing by joining the 'Deep Dive: Body & Self' Online Group.

This next phase is designed to build upon the foundations laid in the first group, offering more in-depth exploration and advanced strategies for personal growth. By enlisting in the 'Deep Dive: Body & Self' Online Group, you'll have the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of body image and disordered eating, further empowering yourself with knowledge and tools for lasting change.

Don't miss this chance to extend your journey and achieve even greater breakthroughs in your personal development.


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